The United States Marine Corps offers Tuition Assistance (MTA) for all eligible active-duty Marines for off-duty educational purposes.  The MTA will pay 100 percent of costs associated with tuition and fees up to the maximum amount of:

  • $250 per semester credit hour
  • $4,500 per fiscal year
  • 16 semester hours per fiscal year

For assistance applying to CSU through the WebTA Portal, please contact or call (888) 394-5738.

To Apply for MTA:

  • Complete a TA orientation class prior to using MTA.  To attend the course, visit the Lifelong Learning or Education Office at your local base. (If you are stationed at a remote location, please visit the online TA orientation course (PDF). Upon completion, you will need to print and fill out the certification form.)
  • If you are located at a remote site, your MTA will be processed at Camp Lejeune (if you are stationed east of the Mississippi) and Camp Pendleton (if you are stationed west of the Mississippi).  I-I duty Marines will apply through MARFORRES in New Orleans.  Recruiters will apply via their recruiting district or region headquarters.
  • Marines must apply for TA through the WebTA Portal. Please ensure that you provide accurate fee information.  Follow all directions listed on the TA Application.

Important Information for using MTA:

  • First-time, active-duty MTA applicants must have 24 months’ in service from their active-duty base date.
  • First-time MTA applicants must complete the MCI Personal Financial Management Course (Course ID 3240G).
  • Marines who do not possess an associate degree or 60 academic credits cannot take multiple courses concurrently. 
  • First-time MTA applicants with a general technical score of less than 100 must take the Adult Basic Education Test and acquire a score of 10.2.
  • Marines must complete a degree plan prior to completing 12 semester hours.
  • MTA is not authorized for reimbursement for textbooks.
  • MTA is not authorized for use on courses leading to a lateral or lower level degree than the one you have already attained.
  • MTA cannot be used for certifications, license exams or credentials.
  • Marines shall be eligible for promotion.
  • Any officer using MTA must remain on active duty for two years prior to completion of the last MTA funded course.
  • MTA is available to Reservists on continuous active duty and their course must end prior to demobilization/deactivation.

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