Columbia Southern University is governed by a nine to fifteen member Board of Trustees, which establishes the mission of the University and determines the general policies and affairs of the University. The Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws of Columbia Southern University clearly define the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees.

Board Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for appointing the President, establishing broad institutional goals and plans for the University, approving the earned degrees, approval of all governmental and private financial aid programs, the review and approval of the annual operational and capital expenditures budget of the University, including all major contractual relationships and other major obligations executed in the name of the University, and such other responsibilities as law, governmental directives, or custom require the Board to act upon. The Board of Trustees fulfills its responsibilities through three standing committees - The Executive Committee, the Academic and Student Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee - and through established procedures to ensure that it is adequately informed about the programs and general condition of the University.

The Board meets a minimum of four times per year. Two meetings are held via teleconference.

Questions concerning the Board of Trustees should be directed to the Office of the President, Columbia Southern University.

CSU Board of Trustees