Columbia Southern University is committed to offering affordable, quality education to encourage adult learners to pursue their hopes for better careers and lives for their families. With benefits such as textbooks included, scholarships, and other financing options, CSU helps you save on your investment in education. To help with our low-cost tuition, CSU provides various payment options.

Pay As You Learn

Whether you would like to pay weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a full payment, CSU offers this special payment plan that gives you the power of choice. Using scheduled, automatic credit card payments, tuition is spread out over weekly, biweekly or monthly payments to help you fit education into your budget.

Military Benefits

Active-duty military personnel and veterans have access to several government programs that provide educational benefits to allow them to pursue career ambitions. Active-duty personnel, for example, have access to tuition assistance while veterans may use Veteran Affairs benefits or VA Flex Payment Plan. If you need assistance, CSU Admissions has expert staff trained specifically to help military members navigate through the process.

Corporate Billing

CSU works with many companies that provide tuition assistance or benefits to employees seeking academic advancement. Please contact your employer for the appropriate documentation to accompany your CSU enrollment agreement.

Federal Aid

For those seeking financial assistance, Federal Student Aid offers federal grant and loan programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education. We encourage you to research these programs in making your decision and please contact us if you have questions. Qualifications, terms, availability and other details of CSU’s participation in these grants and loans can be found on the Federal Student Aid page.

If you have any questions about these payment options, please contact the CSU Admissions Department at 877-347-6050 where trained representatives can assist you in saving money and time in earning your degree!