ITC101 ITE : Installer and Technician Credential Course (NextEd)

About This Course

The ITE/NEXT ITC Program offers transportation professionals a condensed yet flexible approach to begin their journey into intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The course will familiarize participants with the history, ecosystem, functions, and architecture of ITS applications and the concepts and vision of cybersecurity within the intelligent transportation ecosystem.

The ITC curriculum has been developed around the specific in-demand skills for workers engaging in the new connected economy. All instructors are subject matter experts, equipped with real-world field experience, ready to prepare participants with a solid foundation in infrastructure basics and supporting systems technologies.

This MicroTraX includes everything needed for you to take the Intelligent Transportation Level 1 Exam (ITC- L1) exam.

Individuals seeking the Intelligent Transportation Level 1 Exam (ITC- L1) pass the final examination with a 70% success rate.

*NextEd course tuition must be paid in full. Do not select installments when filling out the enrollment form for these courses.

These programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, military tuition assistance, VA funding or Learning Partner discounts.

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