Ethical Hacker Certificate


Columbia Southern University is proud to offer an educational certificate for professionals in the ethical hacker concentration.

The Ethical Hacker Certificate consists of 4 courses. These courses can be taken separately from earning the certificate for CEU credit.

These programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, military tuition assistance, VA funding or Learning Partner discounts.

Available Courses

  • Network security specialist inspects servers

    CE 2000: Internet and Network Security

    Provides a practical examination of information security fundamentals. Includes security planning, technologies, and personnel issues. Covers material helpful in the preparation for the Security+ certification exam.

    View Course CE 2000: Internet and Network Security
  • Cybersecurity specialist studies data

    CE 2001 : Cybersecurity and Crime

    Introduces the types of security crime, breaches, fraud, and network penetrations. Students learn procedures for preventing intrusions, fraud, and computer crime. Legal impacts for cybersecurity crimes are discussed and evaluated.

    View Course CE 2001 : Cybersecurity and Crime
  • Cybersecurity specialists study a world map in room of computers

    CE 2002 : Cyber Warfare and Application

    Provides knowledge of intrusion detection applications, security tasks, networks activity, and prevention and social engineering techniques. Students are provided with hands-on exercises for intrusion detection systems, scanning applications, and social engineering practices.

    View Course CE 2002 : Cyber Warfare and Application
  • Close up of hands holding cell phone with overlaid icons representing cloud data and security

    CE 2003 : Security Application and Development

    Introduces best practices for securing applications, networks, and databases. Students learn how organizations protect assets from unauthorized access. Students start the initial phase of building applications while documenting security procedures.

    View Course CE 2003 : Security Application and Development

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