Columbia Southern University’s Accelerated Path Allows Students to Earn Degree in One Year


Beginning Feb. 15, 2021, Columbia Southern University’s College of Safety and Emergency Services will offer a new Accelerated Path for the Bachelor of Science in information systems and cyber security degree program. The new enrollment option will allow students to earn this competitive degree in one year.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cybersecurity is anticipated to increase 31% through 2029, more than seven times faster than the national average of job growth.

“Empowering CSU students to earn a degree in cybersecurity through the Accelerated Path provides individuals with an opportunity to capitalize on their previously earned credits, as well as frees up more time to focus on other important life responsibilities, including family, work and/or military service,” said CSU President Ken Styron.

In the ever-evolving technology industry, College of Safety and Emergency Services Dean, Misti Kill, Ph.D., is preparing her faculty members to adjust their academic strategies accordingly.

“Last year taught us a lot about what to expect in 2021 in the areas of information systems security and cybersecurity. We are fortunate to have faculty members who have years of first-hand experience in the field,” said Kill. “Our goal is to harness their insight to build strong degree programs that are relevant to the needs of our students and their communities.”

Students who are interested in cybersecurity will also have an opportunity to obtain an ethical hacker certificate while completing their information systems and cyber security program courses. CSU wishes to offer students multiple opportunities to maximize their educational efforts by not only providing an avenue to obtain the bachelor’s degree in one year and gain a certificate along the way as well.

The Accelerated Path is subject to eligibility. Students who have completed at least 72 credit hours at the undergraduate level may be eligible to enroll in the accelerated option. To learn more about Columbia Southern University, visit