Birmingham Investigator Has Locked Down Career She Enjoys


It is often said that if you do something you enjoy for a living, you will never really work another day in your life.

If that is true, then it seems Birmingham Police Sgt. Katrina Johnson has found the perfect career in law enforcement.Investigator Locks Down Career

For approximately 25 years, Johnson has worked her way up from patrol officer to investigator in the Internal Affairs division of the Birmingham Police Department. The wife and mother of three credits much of her advancement to hard work, determination and education, particularly her online master’s degree from Columbia Southern University.

“My degree has enhanced my knowledge in the field of criminal justice administration as it relates to managing personnel and problem-solving,” said the 2015 graduate. She added that her degree led to her promotion to an investigator in Internal Affairs from a precinct, evening-shift supervisor.

Making a difference
Throughout her law enforcement career, Johnson has enjoyed working with the training and education of police officers as an academy instructor and career development coordinator. She enjoys helping others reach their goals and inspiring them to find the strength in themselves.

Johnson also dedicates her time to many civic and community initiatives through the department. One program that is dear to her is an outreach ministry to jailed individuals that she does with her husband Bishop Darryl Johnson.

As she works now to make a difference, she hopes one day to further that impact with a career in educating others about law enforcement as a professor.

Advice to young women
Johnson is part of the 13 percent of women in today’s U.S. law enforcement population. In light of Women’s History Month, Johnson has some sage words for young women who are considering a career in law enforcement or another area.

“My advice to young females is to complete a degree or certification in your field of interest and further your education for job advancement in that field. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your career of choice!”
About Columbia Southern University
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